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Sermon – The Rev. Susan Sims Smith, September 28, 2014

smith-susan-056 - Version 2Sermon Trinity Cathedral, September 28, 2014 The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

In the past few years I had an employee that stole money from me. This was someone I liked, depended on, enjoyed, and  cared about. The money was stolen gradually over  several months. When I found out, I was in disbelief.  “But I thought they cared about me. I thought they were a good person. I thought we had a REAL relationship”.

Lets call the person James.  I had to stop the person’s access to my credit card and to my home. But now, did I need to stop their access to my heart?

I ask the person to meet with me. It was a come to Jesus talk, full fledged. With truth telling, anger, tears, honesty and confession. When I told my husband how I was not mean, but was relentless until I got the total confession, my husband said  “poor James, I have been there on the other end of you truth telling confession process and he probably wishes he had stolen from someone else. He messed with the wrong lady.”

Believe it or not, after the meeting, James thanked me and he asked me to meet with him again. Read more…

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