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Sermon – The Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III, May 3, 2015


Christoph Keller, III

Trinity Cathedral

May 3, 2015

Fifth Sunday of Easter (B)


Two things fill me with constantly increasing admiration and awe, the longer and more earnestly I reflect on them: the starry heavens without and the Moral Law within.


The philosopher Immanuel Kant made that famous statement, and in my dissertation studies I came upon it twice, once from a scientist and once from a theologian. The scientist was Francis Collins. In his book, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief,[i] he names both the order and mathematical beauty of creation (“the starry heavens without”), and our intuitive perception of a difference between right and wrong (“the moral law within”) as good ground for his belief in God.

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Search Committee Update

Update 2:
The Parish Profile is now posted on the parish website under the heading Search Committee Parish & Community Information. Prospective candidates for Dean and Rector will be able to see this information on our site, as well as on the national church’s website.


All Trinity Cathedral parishioners are invited to submit names of prospective candidates for Dean and Rector to any member of the Search Committee. These names will be forwarded to the Bishop’s office for further vetting. The deadline for submitting names is Friday, May 1.

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