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Holy Week Schedule 2015

Holy Week and Easter 2015 at Trinity Cathedral

Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week

March 30 and 31 – Holy Eucharist at 12:15 p.m.

Bishop Benfield presides on Tuesday, March 31st and will bless chrism (anointing oil) for use in baptisms throughout the Diocese of Arkansas. The Rev. Susan Sims-Smith preaches on Monday, March 30th. Read more…

Sermon – The Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III, March 29, 2015

keller-chrisChristoph Keller, III


March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

Twenty years ago this spring, my father died from Alzheimer’s disease. It had been a slow, agonizing end to a good long life. The worst part of it was a stage, two or three years into the decline, when Dad realized that something terrible was happening but could no longer fathom what it was. As I was visiting one night he paced back and forth from wall to wall, anxiously insisting there was somewhere else that he was supposed to be—a forgotten meeting or appointment. Desperately, he pleaded with me: “Can you help me?” “I wish I could,” I said, “but I don’t know how;” and at that, for the first time in my life, my father looked down at me with something like contempt. At breakfast the next morning with my mother, just the two of us, I said: “We are living in a nightmare.” Mercifully, as the disease progressed it became easier to live with—until death came, finally, as a friend.

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Staff Announcement

AnnieBurtonDear Members and Friends of Trinity Cathedral,
I am very pleased to announce that Annie Burton has accepted our offer of a full time position as Director of Youth Ministry and Adult Formation for the Cathedral. Annie will be working closely with our volunteer youth sponsors, parents, and youth from middle school age on up, and with our  clergy and lay leaders in our programs of theological education and Christian formation. Her work begins the first of April (Wednesday in Holy Week). 
Annie, welcome back to Trinity Cathedral!
Dr. Keller

Annie Burton is thrilled to be returning to the Cathedral as the Director of Youth Ministry and Adult Formation.  Annie was a member of the Cathedral for 16 years prior to her tenure at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church as the Lay Ministries Coordinator.  She is a lawyer by profession, but through a series of life events has found that God is calling her to church ministry.  She is the daughter of Larry Burton, a third-generation Methodist Minister, who is currently working with the IONA Program and will be ordained an Episcopal priest later this year.  She has three living children, Beth (15), Sam (11) and Cate (4).  Her son, Ben, is buried in the Garth at the Cathedral.

Search Committee Update

Update 2:
The Parish Profile is now posted on the parish website under the heading Search Committee Parish & Community Information. Prospective candidates for Dean and Rector will be able to see this information on our site, as well as on the national church’s website.


All Trinity Cathedral parishioners are invited to submit names of prospective candidates for Dean and Rector to any member of the Search Committee. These names will be forwarded to the Bishop’s office for further vetting. The deadline for submitting names is Friday, May 1.

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