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Sermon – The Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III, April 12, 2015

keller-chrisChristoph Keller, III

Trinity Cathedral

April 12, 2015

Second Sunday of Easter (B)


One day years ago the mail brought a small package from my mother. It was a cassette tape of a sermon by my father. Mother had come across the tape as she sorted through Dad’s papers after his death earlier that year.  It was an Easter sermon, 1980, his last from Trinity Cathedral. For his wife and children it was a golden find.  When I die I will leave notebooks full of completed sermons for whoever cares.  But my father preached from rough notes.  In the pulpit he would glance down at his outline to remind himself of something, then look up and far away to mull it over, never in a hurry, then look you in the eye and tell the truth.  No point afterwards in asking for a copy.  What he said wasn’t written down.

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Search Committee Update

Update 2:
The Parish Profile is now posted on the parish website under the heading Search Committee Parish & Community Information. Prospective candidates for Dean and Rector will be able to see this information on our site, as well as on the national church’s website.


All Trinity Cathedral parishioners are invited to submit names of prospective candidates for Dean and Rector to any member of the Search Committee. These names will be forwarded to the Bishop’s office for further vetting. The deadline for submitting names is Friday, May 1.

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