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2A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Sunday December 21, 2014  5:00 p.m.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Little Rock, ArkansasPresented by the Cathedral Choir
Cathedral Handbell Choir
Dr. Thomas Lee, Director of Music
Guest Artist: Lorraine Duso, oboe

Join us for this beautiful service of readings and Christmas carols following the tradition established at King’s College, Cambridge,and one of the splendors of Anglican Church Music.

Music by Baroque Masters: Johann Sebastian Bach and Dietrich Buxtehude
Traditional English Composers: John Ireland and Gustav Holst
Sublime Choral Works by American Composers
Michael Sitton: Thou Shalt Know Him When He Comes
Roland Martin: The Bird of Dawning

Governor Mike Beebe’s Thanksgiving Day address at Trinity – 11/27/2014

govBeebePhotoWhen we are giving thanks, when we are showing gratitude, that is when we have power. And here’s why.

When you are truly gracious, when your mind is set upon grace and gratitude, there is one thing you cannot have, and that is fear.

Fear will sap your power faster than anything else. It creates doubt and distrust and insecurity. In this age of great connectivity, you can find someone every hour of every day willing to scare you about one thing or another.

But we are not born to know fear. Much like hatred, it is not natural, and it must be learned. And while some level of fear is healthy for survival, it can be far too easy to let it overwhelm us. To let it paralyze us. To keep us from realizing our true spirit. Read more…

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