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Sermon – The Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III, August 17, 2014

keller-chrisChristoph Keller, III

Trinity Cathedral

August 17, 2014

Proper 15A

Years ago, our children went to summer camp in western Arkansas. This was not Camp Mitchell. They liked it for the most part. One year, I drove out to pick Mary Olive up when camp was over. On the way back home she mentioned that she and the girls in her cabin “had gotten pretty close with God.” I said: “That’s good.” As we drove, on she began to look a little worried. She said: “Dad: Are the Jews going to hell?” “Why do you ask?” I said. “One of my counselors told me.” “When did she tell you that?” “At devotion time. We were talking about where we lived. I said I lived in New York City. My counselor said ‘They have a lot of Jews there.’ I said ‘I know, some of my friends are Jewish.’ She said unless they turned to Jesus Christ my friends would go to hell.”

How does that strike you?

It struck me as outrageous. Take any two girls in Mary Olive’s New York school. In most obvious respects they would be the same: same taste in movies, books, and Justin Timberlake; same dreams and hopes for happiness. One’s parents are Christian, the other’s are not. And the good Lord above would have my little girl rejoice in heaven while her friend suffers eternally in hell? To say that of God is a slander on his reputation. He should file a lawsuit. Read more…

Christian Faith and Modern Science

Beginning Rally Sunday, Dr. Keller will offer a twelve week series titled Christian Faith and Modern Science. His column on that topic was published Sunday, August 10, in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. 
Chris's Column

Coming Rally Sunday: Sunday Brunch!

clipart-gumboWhen our morning schedule changes beginning September 7, chef Chalmer Wayland and the Culinary Guild will begin preparing Sunday Brunch! Brunch will be served in Morrison Hall beginning at 8:30, with service continuing through Christian Formation period. Dr. Keller’s lecture and discussion class, “Christian Faith and Modern Science,” will be held in Morrison Hall beginning at 10:15. You can pick up your brunch, sit down, and enjoy the class!

Coming in August!

August 24: Dr. Keller’s PowerPoint and Chalk Talk

On Sunday, August 24, stay in you seats following the 10:00 service, to hear a brief (approximately 30 minute) presentation from Dr. Keller on our change of Sunday schedule staring Rally Sunday. Dr. Keller will offer some of the strategy and thinking behind the decision to add a service, discuss the costs and risks of making a change now, and give details about each of the four services will have beginning September 7. He will listen to your concerns and comments!