Staff Directory

The direct lines provided below will ring straight to the staff member's desk.

The Very Rev. Amy Dafler Meaux Dean & Rector 501-588-3662
Mrs. Mary Penick Hodges Parish Administrator 501-588-3657
The Rev. Canon Dr. Lisa Corry Sub Dean 501-588-3663
Ms. Emma Mitchell Director of Youth and Family Ministries 501-588-3660
Mrs. Dawn Howe Children's Ministries 501-588-3661
Dr. Colin MacKnight Director of Music 501-588-3652
Celina Klobetitsch Associate Director of Music 501-588-3653
Mr. Jack Dowling Advancement Director 501-251-6667
Mrs. Kristine Barbaree Financial Administrator 501-588-3655
The Rev. Deb Cooper Deacon 501-218-8750
Mrs. Christy Poindexter Director of the Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP) 501-588-3659
Mrs. Reta Dean Receptionist 501-372-0294