Classes and discussion groups offered at Trinity fall into various categories...there's something for everyone in our diverse and busy programming schedule! Find your place...

STEPS IN FAITH - These classes offer an easy-to-follow path all the way from curious and tentative visitor to fully informed and committed church leader.

EXPLORING SCRIPTURE - These classes are a cure for Biblical illiteracy! As a guide would lead you through a great national forest, showing you mountains, caves, and rivers, we will take you to the prophets, poets, and gospel writers of the scriptures, with insight into new and age-old questions of interpretation. 

EXPLORING ANGLICAN TRADITION - Trinity is an Episcopal Cathedral in the Anglican tradition. Someone has said that this is a "poetic" expression of Christianity - and it is true that from John Donne and Shakespeare through Dorothy Sayers and C.S. Lewis, our English forbears have given Christian spirituality a literary twist. Throughout the year we offer services, classes, and pilgrimages to find out more. 

OUR LIVES AND TIMES - Under this heading we group a rich variety of classes that start with the joys, responsibilities, and vicissitudes of life today What questions do they raise for faith? And how shall we faithfully address them?