Upcoming Workshops

Lenten Reflection Day at Trinity Cathedral

Artist and educator Lisa Thorpe will lead this workshop on Saturday, March 5, 12–4 p.m., for adults and teens — no art experience necessary, just an open heart and mind! Participants will make 40 Lenten cards with torn paper collage, an accessible technique for all levels. The registration fee of $60 includes all materials. Learn more and register.




Sunday Mornings - 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Deans Forum – Morrison Hall

This Fall the Dean’s Forum will explore two primary areas of our life together: Where is God in our pandemic experience? and Worship: the ins, outs, and all the in-betweens. Join the Dean as she explores God’s presence as we navigate the pandemic and our common worship.

Bible Women – Staff Lounge

Women of the Bible have been trapped in dry and dusty literary caskets for centuries. While a few women, such as Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary Magdalene, are familiar, many of the women who speak in the Bible have long been ignored. Yet their words are part of God’s Word, the Bible, for a reason. Through these women, God spoke, intervened, changed, illustrated, and proclaimed the story of redemption.
In this groundbreaking book named best Bible study of 2015 by Illumination Book Awards, Episcopal priest Lindsay Hardin Freeman identifies every woman who speaks in the Bible, providing their words, context, and historical background. We learn which women speak the most (hint: it’s not Mary!), and which books of the Bible have the fewest words from women.
We hear the only conversation in the Bible between a mother and daughter (and it’s not pretty), the words of a woman who eats her own child, and the triumphant exclamation of a woman telling the world about the risen Christ.
There are 1.1 million words in the Bible and only 14,000 from women.  While this is cerainly a small amount and only 1.2 % of the Bible - they are powerful words.
This study will be facilitated by Randy Irwin

Living the Questions – Coming later this fall

The class will complete the study entitled The Christian Family Tree-What Other Christians Believe And Why. During the first class, following a quick review, the Methodist denomination will be discussed.
The next 6 week study, entitled Making Sense Of The Bible invites us to an honest discussion about the Holy Bible. Real questions will be explored and discussed such as : “Is the Bible the word of God?,” “Are Adam and Eve real people?,” “Why is the God of the Old Testament so violent?,” and “Is Jesus the only way to salvation?”
The classes will be based on a book and video series by Rev. Adam Hamilton and hopefully lead us to a deeper appreciation of the Bible so that we might hear God speak to us anew and find the words life changing.? The study wiil be facilitated by Walter Hussman and George Harper.