PRAY Program

 The P.R.A.Y. program...

  • Is a religious emblems program created by the national church bodies cooperating with P.R.A.Y.  It is a CHURCH program, approved for use by the national youth agencies.
  • Includes awards/emblems that are approved for wear on the official uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Camp Fire USA, and American Heritage Girls.
  • Is designed for boys and girls in grades one through twelve.  All church youth (whether or not they belong to a scouting group) are eligible to participate. 
  • Is an interdenominational resource, which means that all denominations use the standard curriculum.  The curriculum allows each church to introduce the unique characteristics of their denomination.
  • Must be taught under the auspices of the church.  Students are required to present their work to the Dean for final approval. 
  • Consists of four different programs based on grade level.  These grade levels roughly correspond to the different ranks in the scouting programs, but since the P.R.A.Y. program is a program of the church, it goes strictly by grade level (not by rank).
  • Offers an Adult Mentor component for parents. Parents may choose to serve as Mentors and be involved in the P.R.A.Y. program alongside their children.

This winter, Greg Albert will lead the God and Me curriculum for children in grades 1-3.  This curriculum is designed to help children become best friends with Jesus and tell their story of “God and Me” together. Children will tell their story of “God and Me” by starting with the creation story. Children will learn that God is their Creator and that God calls them by name, and they will give praise to God. Their story will continue as they learn of God’s love through Jesus. As they tell parallel stories of their own birth and the birth of Jesus, they will proclaim that Jesus was born to be their Savior. Their story will grow as children learn that God wants them to pray. Children will be encouraged to talk and listen to God as they share from their heart. Their story of “God and Me” will wrap up with the parable of the lost sheep. As children learn to lean on God as their Good Shepherd, they will be challenged to reach out and be “good shepherds” to those around them.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the P.R.A.Y. program, please sign up below: