Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Parish!

In case you may be wondering what an Episcopal Cathedral Parish is . . .

As a Parish, Trinity is a fellowship of Christians and inquirers. On Sundays we pour in from all over central Arkansas and are met by a warm welcome and majestic worship with uplifting music. Through our catechesis program, young children are nurtured in scripture and steeped in the loving presence of the Holy Spirit. Older students are inspired, engaged, and challenged through our rapidly rising youth program. Parishioners feed the hungry, literally— and also figuratively, through our arts outreach to Little Rock Prep, a public charter school on our Cathedral campus. This fall, we launch “Cathedral Insights,” an ambitious new series for theological enrichment, bringing well known Christian thinkers here for public lectures, and forming study groups to discuss their books. Trinity is a dynamic parish launching a new era of ministry and service!

As a Cathedral, Trinity is an historic landmark in the civic square. To the Arkansas Symphony, we are a frequent home away from home. To the Little Rock Marathon, we are a place of blessing and refreshment on the route. To governors of Arkansas, we have long been a friendly neighbor and place of encouragement and respite. To parishes and missions from around the state, we are host to many meetings, festivals, and services. To the Bishop of Arkansas, we are home.

As an Episcopal Cathedral, Trinity is heir to a spiritual, intellectual, and moral tradition dating to Elizabethan England, when our worship was set to the rich and subtle cadences of the Book of Common Prayer. Richard Hooker, a theologian of that era, described the church as a community of people “sanctified by profession of that truth which God hath taught the world by his son.” Sanctified means changed by the Holy Spirit. We are changed by what we hold to be the truth about ourselves, the world, and God—or rather, we are changed as that truth sinks in. For all of us, this is a work in progress. Through all of our activities at Trinity, that progress is our aim. We invite you to join us, help us, towards our goal.

The Very Rev. Dr. Christoph Keller, III
Dean and Rector