Church Security Workshop


August 08, 2023

Safety & Security Planning 101

In this 2-3 hour session, Jeanie will discuss and lead conversations on:
  • Our call to do this work, fear of a mass shooting, and the most likely emergency scenarios we should be prepared to handle.
  • How being safe and welcoming is not only possible but mutually benefits the other.
  • A step-by-step process for completing a plan that is practical and financially feasible.
  • An overview of the federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program for places of worship. 
  • This session will include at least 2 table talk sessions in which participants will discuss a topic then share their insight with the larger group. 
  • Conclude with Q&A.

CRASE Presentation

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events course was developed as part of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training for law enforcement officers to take into their communities. Its primary goal is to provide guidance and strategies for surviving a mass shooting attack. Supporting content includes a general profile of attackers, case studies of actual events, including shootings at houses of worship, and the importance of creating a culture of safety where everyone plays a part in keeping our communities safe. 


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About Jeanie Garrett 

Jeanie Garrett has been leading safety and security teams in houses of worship since 2018. She began this work at St. David's, Austin where she was the Director of Communications for 10 years. Jeanie built her consulting business, Grace Communications & Consulting, LLC, on the core belief that effective and strategic communication is vital when implementing safety policies and procedures. Jeanie guides churches on how to strike the important yet practical and faithful balance of being prepared for emergencies while also ensuring a place of worship is welcoming to all who enter. Author of the book, Open Arms, Safe Communities: The Theology of Church Security, Jeanie approaches safety and security planning with experience, institutional knowledge, and awareness that every place of worship has its own unique challenges.  

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